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Also "donked up", Something is donked if it has been destroyed, damaged beyond repair, made moot, "totaled" in the context of automobiles, etc. If someone "donked it up", they messed up/screwed up/were responsible for the thing having become/having been donked. Originally from the tv program Adventure Time, which is known for its original internal slang.
Finn, you donked up my photos!
by BriftBlue May 26, 2018
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Any type of body manipulation...such as a high, buzz, or drunkenness
by DoNkEd October 17, 2017
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To stupidly stick all your chips in at poker.
The girl obviously had pocket aces, and he donked his chips in with 77.
by Crackpoet July 29, 2006
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The act of having a concrete donkey dropped on you in the video game sensation Worms.
You and Catfish are totally gay.
No we're not, I "donked" him last night.
Oh snap fool!
by MorningWood1583 June 29, 2010
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"To be donked" is the act of being tasked/chosen for special actions un relating to ones current work or significantly adding to ones work load.
"You had been donked"

"watch out for the donking"
by Watchman June 06, 2006
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to DONK, DONKing

To deny so adamantly that one does it three consecutive times.
Immediately a rooster crowed and Peter remembered what he had been told,

β€œBefore the rooster crows you will have DONKed me.”

(NUDT - The New Urban Dictionary Translation)
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by AnonymouslyAnonymous_NunYaBzns October 01, 2019
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