Doncaster Rovers are a football team based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. They have an extremely unlucky history. They currently play in the third tier of the EFL (League One) under Scottish manager Grant McCann. In later years the club has prides itself on its family excellence and experiences that are available at their ground, The Keepmoat Stadium. Shirt sponsors LNER took over from previous sponsors Virgin Trains this year. Club Legend,James Coppinger, will enter his fifteenth year at the club. The team play in a home strip of white with red hoops and an away strip of black with blue half. The third kit is a charity kit every year that raises money for a good cause. Also known as Donny or the Rovers. Supporters called the Red Army or The Donny Boys
Person 1:"Did you see Doncaster Rovers play last night?"
Person 2:"Couldn't make it"
Person 1:"Rubbish, but we may be league one but on community work we're in the Premier League!"
by Lewis_Donny July 31, 2018
During sexual intercourse the man inserts his penis into the woman's anal cavity whilst she shits on his dick. He then removes his penis and moulds the excrement around it, creating a pastry-like effect. After his pork sword is covered he proceeds to insert it into the woman's vagina.
I gave Donna a Doncaster pork pie last night, she fucking loved it.
by donc_lad_1 December 8, 2008
The literal definition of Louis Tomlinson. Every Directioner knows that this defines his personality about 110%.
Person 1: Did you hear about the new Louis Tomlinson news?
Person 2: Yes I did hear about the sass master from doncaster.
by tpwk_nahtommoway May 9, 2021
short form as edsc, a school located in melbourne that has tables with chewing gums
harris the school captain: why are there chewing gums under the tables
random yr 7: yh ofc, its east doncaster secondary college
by derpythincow March 10, 2022
A handjob typically given using an emulsion of doner kebab grease and flem as a lubricant.
Jules just gave me a Doncaster handy behind the dentist.
by Linkle July 17, 2022
school full of eshays and full of mullets, very good at sport and music, good range of activities literally the best
ben: wow thats school a legend
kids in mullet: SIUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
yr 12 coordinates: yh east doncaster secondary college
by derpythincow March 13, 2022
(Noun) Also known as a Rotherham Rinse.

A post-ejaculatory contraceptive douche carried out by the male whilst still inside the female vagina. Immediately after ejaculation inside his lady, before withdrawing his still semi-tumescent penis, the gentleman urinates within her, sluicing out his spermy man-milk. Purported to be 80% effective, by someone, somewhere, probably (depending on volume of piss).
Shaniqua couldn’t be bothered with any of the usual contraceptive methods, and neither could Marlon. So right after his vinegar strokes, he did the gentlemanly thing of giving her a Doncaster Douche to sluice out his spooge.
by Tempus Fuggin Fugit May 16, 2021