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She’s something special, Has the hand of an artist, is extremely bright, intelligent, and appreciates “realness” but lives in a dream. Respects herself, and is beautiful in the most unique way possible and she can make you smile and have hope when you’re feeling your lowest. Is good at helping others but she has a bitter time helping herself. She’s a badass, she won’t get her heart broken easily but when she does crack she tends to try and keep it in. She acts shy at times and has an inner wolf, ready to snap back at any time, but insecurity lingers her constantly and drags her down. Perfection haunts her, she’s always trying to be the best and do it all for everyone, she feels that she simply has too. If you find one, you better hold on to her but not take advantage of her because she’s no fool. If you ever get on her best side, you’ll hold on to her like your life depends on it and she’ll always be there for you. When she is herself and loosens up a bit she can be mysterious and sexy.
“Hey Hanna, be more like Donatella.”

“I need someone like Donatella, a real a** bi***.”
by Dammmdaniell January 23, 2018
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She's so fab. She's blonde, skinny, rich, and a little bit of a bitch. She is very into fashion, and if left to her own devices, will dress you up in silk, taffeta. One of her favorite activities is smoking Marlboro Lights and drinking Champagne. Even though she's misunderstood, she walks so bad like it feels so good.
by LadyGaga1986 December 20, 2013
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She's beautiful, she's caring, she puts everyone before her. Try to get her to share her feelings and you might leave with a black eye.
"Did you see Donatella today? I'm drooling."

"Let me guess, Donatella hit you."
by LowkeyGay2101 May 09, 2018
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