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To those who hate school, just hear me out.

While going to school might be unpleasant sometimes, one needs to consider the importance of education in the world. Maths is not solely for solving questions, it is useful while handling money. Science can make your life comfortable and can save you from daily hassles. It also develops a logical attitude which enables you to make quick and appropriate decisions in life. Moreover, it is extremely hard for uneducated people to earn a living. And talking about phones, if you take gadgets to school then whats the point of going, if you still wanna chat and play games? Google can surely give you information but not solve your doubts. School teachers on the other hand, can answer your questions and there is a proper flow with which they explain, so that you might not feel uncomfortable while jumping from one topic to another. Education empowers you. It makes you an asset for your nation and the world.
Uneducated Person: Oh I hate school, they make u waste seven hours in a prison-like building

Me: Like it or not, you won’t be able to have a job and a future without school.
by Hfjdujdjzhxjd February 5, 2022
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When you're extremely bored that you search up a Disney song...
What definition do you want?! Go outside or something

Ok fine, 'We don't talk about Bruno' is a Disney song from the movie 'Encanto'
What more do you want?
Person 1: Hey, how you doing?
Person 2: I am extremely bored, so I search up that one song We don't talk about Bruno. from Disney's Encanto...
Person 1: Go outside XD
by Hfjdujdjzhxjd January 19, 2022
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