A poor, crime ridden, ghetto section of southern California, southeast of San Diego.
I live in Encanto homes
by sweetness-and-light May 1, 2007
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The best movie ever. But don't watch it 34 times in 3 days..COUGH...cough
I just watched Encanto! Camilo is my favorite! Delores is cool too!
by Jex69 ;) January 10, 2022
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Meaning (from translation clues, in the movie):


A family with a house (I was writing spoilers but removed, here's a funny lyric: "We don't talk about bruno no no no")
We had an Encanto/Have you watched Encanto yet?
by josah January 14, 2022
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a movie people won't shut the fuck up about even though its been out for nearly 3 months
Bob: "I just watched Encanto-"
Me: "I know."
by LOOWEGGIE February 4, 2022
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A Disney show about a girl named Mirabel and her magical family
“Have you watched Encanto?? Its such a good movie!”
by Rebirtha January 24, 2022
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Encanto is one of the best Disney movies ever. Not only does it have an interesting storyline, amazing characters, a good message and of course some of the best songs ever invented (We DoN’t TaLk AbOuT bRuNo No No No…) , but it is also great in terms of representation. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s Disney animation’s first movie with a mostly Latino cast. All in all, it’s just an amazing movie that I have had the joy of watching at least 5 times.
How have you not watched Encanto yet?!
by The crystal phoenix February 26, 2022
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A decent Disney musical that came with the ‘we don’t talk about Bruno’ song, a classic song
Have you seen Encanto yet?
by I_like_green April 2, 2022
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