A guy that certain famous female pornstars(Katrina jade Mandy muse Veronica rodriguez Kelsi Monroe Eva Angelina Abella danger Gabriella paltrova Madison ivy ) won't leave alone because of his sex game hard stroking and his large cock sometimes he has orgys with all of them and only him at the same time and lots of fun he gets really annoyed by this sometimes though he's the sexiest with long curly hair and redbone skin and likes to get fucked up and party hes jus cool to be around he's from Austin Texas
Pornstar:I'm gonna go to Dominics in a little bit you wanna cum

Other pornstar:sure why not
by Savy my nigga January 12, 2019
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Dominic is the name of the most kind boy you will ever meet. All the girls have crushes on him. Dominics will tease and flirt with many girls but deep down inside have that special girl that they dont want to admit that they have feelings for. When a Dominic believes in something he will stand up for what is right and won't hide in the shadows. Dominics are really athletic and like winter sports. Dominics are leaders and know how to lift someones spirit when they need lifting. Dominics usually date Madisons because their personalitys bond well. 91% of Dominics who date Madisons have a happily ever after. Overall a Dominic is someone you never want to lose in life because he is a great person.
Hailey: How's Dominic?
Madison: I love him so much!
Hailey: Wow you guys are fate
by Happy_person_03 May 14, 2016
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1) Most kick ass person that ever lived
2) Yo daddy
3) Playa
4) The one who WILL, slap the livin' **** outta you if you ever cross him
#1- Who's that smooth dude over there?
#2- that's just Dominic
#1- Why's that guy on the ground beside him? And why is his face all f'd up?
#2- he just questioned Dominic's authority
by dizzygamr March 08, 2009
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Name of a real boss, who isn't afraid to slap a hoe. Handsome, sometimes sweet, but most importantly loyal,to friends and family. Enjoys an adrenaline rush, and food. Goes by Dom.
That's so dominic of you, to always keep everyone in line.
by Shortcakess09 December 11, 2015
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A Dominic is one of the best people you will ever meet. A Dominic usually has darkish brownish hair and they are very tall. Dominic is caring, sweet, handsome, and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. A Dominic is also the best boyfriend ever. He is always there for his girl. A Dominic also loves being outdoors, and having fun with friends. Dominic is a person you always wanna hang out with. And a Dominic hates school. But he also does very good in school. A Dominic is the best boyfriend ever and the best friend you can ever have.
Have you ever met Dominic?” He’s the best!!
by Pineapples are good January 07, 2018
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Typically a crazy cool kid with a past time of being a chivalrous knight in shining armor. In his everyday life he may come off as sometimes shy, but when in battle proves to be a great warrior of chaotic bad ass stamina. No one can defeat him not even the greatest Gothic beasts of any Dragons time. When put in a very uncomfortable situations in his everyday environment he has the swift ability of avoiding conversation by not speaking to create awkward pauses that not even the greatest of conversationalist can decipher. Not only can he slay mythical beasts in his free time, but typically Dominic's can conquer and defeat equations like a knight taking victory over a fight of ferocious velocity. Watch out for this character of legit ability at scrabble , because Dominic's are swift and crafty, they will pop up with facts when you least expect it.
Don't Challenge Dominic to a dull for he will conquer.
If not looking out carefully Dominic will prove your theories wrong with his chaotic mathematical powers.
by bilbo baggins will conquer October 14, 2011
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