A word to describe superior form of action, for example tposing or going up multiple steps at a time
General Kenobi asserts his dominance before defeating general grevious
by Montagne1234 December 20, 2018
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True dominance is gaining allegiance out of respect not tyranny.
The good king had earned many allies because they respected his good character and the bad king had many foes because of his bad character, tyranny, arrogance, entitlement, and demanding nature, that he had many plotting his assassination, therefore he did not have true dominance like the good king.
by Sintra February 1, 2020
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When a man lets the girl know he is in charge. A.K.A. Who wears the pants. But don't get confused, dominance is not, "Go make me a sandwich bitch!" That's being a jerk. To be dominant is to lead the girl into another room. To steal her away from her friends, because you can. To tell her your plans for the night because YOU decided what to do. A dominant man is calm and collected, a gentleman, confident, but respectful as well. Woman are often attracted to dominant men because they are leaders. To be dominant is to be a MAN.
Girl 1:"I am like in love with Austin!"
Girl 2:"Why?"
Girl 1:"He is confident, always acts in charge, and asserts his authority. It's hot!"
Girl 2:"Oh, you mean his dominance."
by Pandamonium6709 June 8, 2013
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When a man walks into a room and all the weak men's anuses pucker. Not a homosexual thing. Like when a dog humps another dog of the same sex.
Guy 1: Oh shit, here comes the boss. My asshole just puckered.

Guy 2: Obviously someone has established dominance.
by Shareeb4Prez August 12, 2009
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When a man controls a woman's sexual life. And if she does something he doesn't like like interact with another guy,she is to be punished sexual or teased to a great amount.most woman injoy this who tend to have big fetsihes and kinks
"She went out with her 'guy' friend. Last night I should use dominance against her "
by Enjoyablecaleb January 19, 2017
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Jaden Lyles and Summer ward
Bryce is quaking bcuz of Jadens extreme dominance
by Uhaveasmallpenis February 16, 2019
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having a strong tendency to try to control other people without taking their feelings into consideration

trying to tell people what to do and trying to control the behavior of others often
If you were/are a older brother, sister, cousin, friend...etc ,,growing up the younger ones would be controlled by a domineering older family/friend. You need to stop acting so immature and go clean your room before mom gets home.

If I was you I wouldn't waste my time trying to sing, just get a job.
bossy mean aggressive
by All-arounder March 25, 2015
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