A saying used when one person completely dominates another person in a game, contest, sport, etc. Implies that the winner has complete possession of the broken competitor, thus placing the loser in a condition of servitude in the form of the construction and delivery of a sandwich.
We're not playing again-I just beat you 50 times in a row! I think it's time for you to go make me a sandwich.
by Dub P July 31, 2005
Used by us males as an effective counter to those whining cumdumpsters complaining about every single shit that happens to them by asking them to make us a sandwich. There is currently no known counter to this godly phrase as those pea-brained pastry chefs can't think of any and have no choice but to obey.
Whining whore: But it's your turn to make me a sandwich tod-

Man: Shut up and go make me a sandwich bitch!

Whining whore: Yes master!
by 0$@m@ July 20, 2011
A phrase commonly said to a bitch by her master when he (or she) is hungry.
Master: yo ho, go making me a motherfucking sandwich!
by White Sox Rule June 5, 2004
what you say to your woman if she's giving you shit. best if followed up with a pimp slap.
girl: my man said "BITCH, go make me a sandwich!" when i told him to walk my lap dog. does anyone know a good comeback?

me: well you better come back with my fucking sandwich, woman!
by make me a fuckin sandwich, jen January 15, 2010
This phrase is commonly used to imply that you don't really care. Mostly used after lengthy discussions, and boring topics.
Girl 1: I was eating a burrito, and suddenly i forgot my guacamole! So i rushed to the store, but they were all out. All they had were fajitas, so i grabbed one of those and headed back. Can you believe that?
Girl 2: cool story, bro. Now go make me a sandwich.
by thefajita September 7, 2015
When a chick is telling a boring story, say this.
Brittney: "So today ... blah, blah,blah and she had the same

_____ as me!"
Matt: "cool story babe, now go make me a sandwich."
by hellomotherf**ker February 10, 2012