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Injoy is stronger then enjoy. For injoyed is more of joy filling you from inside of yourself. Having internal joy.
Ashley - Wow I really injoyed my surprise birthday party!

Kate - Oh Ashley I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much!

Ashley - No I really INjoyed it!

Kate - *look of confusion* Yeah... I know you just said that...

Ashley - Thats what you think...
by KatAC March 19, 2009
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booty shaken, ass taken, crazy kind of a brick house woman. Loves to chill at the hizzle and hates chicks that don't give that shit up!
Karen: Damn, that bitch wouldn't talk to me cause I wouldn't give that shit up!

Jack: Fuck.....damn injoys.
by HotAssMoFoYo September 22, 2008
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A misspelling of "enjoy" which only stupid people use.
Guy 1: *Posts on Facebook status publicly* I think I'm gonna go play some CoD..

Guy 2: injoy being in your parent's basement!

Guy 1: Do you even spell check, brah? It's spelled "Enjoy".

Guy 2: ...
by IHazFangz November 28, 2014
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