The Dollar Tree is a rare tree found in

* Bill Gates' backyard
* The White House
* Kentucky
* Sims 2

It will grow you FREE money. On occasion, it will grow crappy merchendise such as plastic food. The seeds will be found in certain parts of Ireland. How do you think leprichauns get so many pots of gold? Yeah... Dollar Trees.

The Dollar Tree grows only in the warm climate of Kentucky or special patches which have been discovered by special people like Bill Gates. It is required to be watered five times a week and must be feed with a mixture of ground credit cards and crumbled checks. Mix it in with ground diamond powder. Wash, rince, repeat. After about a month, the tree will be fully grown. When harvested, the money you make will be $1,000,000. After a few years, you will be as rich as Bill Gates and possibly even have 99.9999999999999% of all the money in the world! Bad seasons will replace all of the money with crappy toys and stuff. There is a legend of a company who likes to steal the stuff and sell it in retail stores all over the USA! But there has been no evidence of this. and did you know... that dollar trees are incredibly well known in us

Fun Facts

* This is where money gets the green color
* Special edition Dollar Trees will give you gold!
* Slightly less special trees will give you silver.
* the doller tree is related to cotton, and jeans.
And they say money doesn't grow on trees...”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Dollar Tree
by kodiac1 July 04, 2006
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a store where you can splurge on cheap crap mostly imported from cheap-labor countries such as China and from the continent of Asia.they sell merchandise that could actually be cheaper than the price of one dollar...but just to be cool they mark everything as one dollar. they are proud that EVERything is a dollar....except now they are offering 5-10 dollar items in the back of the store. some of the dollar tree's items come from BIGGER BRAND NAME STores that can't sell the cheap they send it to dollar tree...thats why i don't buy food there.
i love dollar tree! i can buy all kinds of stuff that i don't necessarily need. spending my hard earned moneys on things that mean nothing to me, makes my day!
by Lindsey miggysnewbestie February 04, 2008
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a lot of the stuff they have actually works contrary to popular beliefs they food you should be skeptical of but the snacks like chips and popcorn are on-point the cleaning supplies are a deep discount, c'mon damn near a gallon of bleach for $1 that's baller my g or the fabuloso or trash bags
Dollar Tree- Trial Size Quality, Solid and used by many--- the notebooks which trachers tell ypu to buy have pages some of which are of shitty quality

Just think of it as a playground for One Dolla' Balla's Pimps and Playas from the Himalayas
by stackmeup240 March 29, 2020
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Adj; To be of horrible quality or and unfortunate situation. The opposite of Gucci.

Also: Dollar Store, Dollar General, Family Dollar
Ugh, did you see Amy's dress? It was so Dollar Tree!
by EZEKYLE3 July 07, 2017
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Often used when someone is killed in a video game and accused of not hearing the person who killed them. This can be used as a way to taunt to other people to show your dominance over the other players.
Bob: *gets a kill*
Also Bob: Get good, your garbage, dollar tree headset...
by McBoomstick77 January 04, 2021
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a female that does anything for a dollar
ashely:Did you hear that Shannon was a dollar tree hoe
karri: Yea and I also heard that she is headjobs for a dollar!!!
by S.Ware January 29, 2009
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