A way to say FUCKING when children are around.
So I only realised that she was a man after we had done the dirty.
by Peter Adams January 6, 2004
Something you would do sexually but, would never admit to!
Damn, Bitch you were out late with your friends. You are so doing it dirty to make me happy.
by Caseyj0307 December 6, 2008
To do a dirty, is to look at someone who turns you on by rubbing your earlobes, and making them feel uncomfortable.
Darcy: I just rubbed Logan’s earlobes and he got turned on
Dale: WHOAH, did he do a dirty to you???
by Kwokodile June 19, 2019
The act of having sexual intercourse with a woman while she is bent over the toilet vomiting.
Christina was so drunk, that she was throwing up into the toilet. Dan came from behind, saw the excellent opportunity, and immediately commenced in doing the Dirty Dan.
by bobisocks February 15, 2012
To do wrong
To act bad or to not fulfill on actions
Your doing me Dirty by not giving me a ride.
Dude you just stepped on my shoes, Your doing me dirty.
by xDJCJx April 12, 2011
The act of plunging ones beak into a pair of filthy pants.
Fucking hell gordon I was doing a dirty malone in the woman’s changing rooms and I got caught. My god Neil, you are a foul bastard.
by Ginger Barbarian. October 17, 2019