Basically another way to say sex. Probably most often used when the little ones are around, or when you just don't want to say the word sex. Some people may see it as implying that sex is dirty.
Me: Nah...haven't done the dirty yet, I'm not legal.

(Yes, I would actually say that if you asked. And no, that does not mean when I turn sixteen that I will straight away.)
by littleblackdress35 June 28, 2008
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basically means you screwed someone over or let them down in some way. it can be used in many situations.
Jim: dude guess what I slept with your girlfriend!
Harold: Dude, you done me dirty.
by Sunny-D42 November 12, 2006
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To have sexual intercourse in a hole you dug yourself, to masturbate in a hole.
And we was done diggin' dirty, I'm telling you man! It was crazy!
by USUC October 19, 2017
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To absolutely destroy and embarrass someone in a sport or game that they have less skill in.
That soccer player just got done dirty by Ronaldhino.
by Jumpinjahosafa November 6, 2009
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used by the president of the United States Of America Funny Valentine, it is the one of the most op stands in the entire series.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap
1: best villain is Valentine
2: fuck no its Kira not that fuckin inter dimensional communist
1: you say that because you also wanna fuck hands
by Midly entertaining August 24, 2020
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You let her jerk you off, but right before you ejaculate you make her stop, pull out a penny and cover it in your precum, make sure it gets nice and wet. Then you yeet the penny in her face and yell "Dirty Deeds done Dirty Cheap!"
Girl A: Yesterday my bf awakened a stand.
Girl B: What are you talking about?
Girl A: During the dirty he yelled "Dirty Deeds done Dirty Cheap" but I didn't see what was happening cuz he yote a penny in my eye.
by Lunaticy0815 August 29, 2020
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Whenever you ask a pregnant woman who is the father of her baby
James: Yo Mary, I see you're pregnant who done the dirty deed then?

Mary: Oh it was Mark
by Upstairsdragon February 22, 2014
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