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Exaggerating largely, even if others have heard the story before and they know that you're exaggerating.
Joe: I was literally watching Usain Bolt for four hours.

Emily: You do know he runs the 100m in like 10s, right?

Alex: Oh he's just doing a joe!
by Psychological. June 09, 2010
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Doing a Joe is when you go to the toilet in public after ordering a traditional breakfast in order to cut yourself while making yourself throw up.
Guy No 1: "Hey where'd Tom go?"
Guy No 2: "Oh he's in the bathroom doing a Joe."
by Rory August 27, 2007
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When you don't know how to react to something being said by others so you just make a hmm noise
"How are you?"
"Oh you're doing a joe"
by Saafe November 20, 2016
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The act of breaking up with a person or ending a friendship via text or email or any means that isn't face-to-face. This can be between two persons of the same sex, persons of the opposit sex or even between family members.
Girl 1 - Why is she clutching her phone & crying?
Girl 2 - She just got joed
Girl 1 - What a jerk!


Guy 1 - Dude why are you texting so much?
Guy 2 - I'm Doing a Joe to my girlfriend. Let's go to bar and score chicks!
by Madam X June 02, 2011
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