An animal which resides in the plains of Ireland. The animal itself has a large greasy black mane and huge greasy mutton chops. This animal is easily provoked.
Dad! Its a daddy Doherty with its cubs!
by ButLiquor November 08, 2010
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Modern Poet. One of the best lyricists of our time. Ex- Libertine front man with best mate Carl Barat. Now in sucessful band Babyshambles. Gets featured a lot in Tabloids who don't know him for his music, but for his drug taking and on/off relationship with Kate moss, they often make up crap about him just to sell papers to the thicko's of our society. His son is also very adorable. He also scored 11 A's at GCSE, four of them being A*, and four A's at A level.

Nicknames: Billy Bilo, Pigman.
(Newsagent scene)
person 1: (looking at 'The Sun') Hahahahaaha! it's that junkie scumbag pete doherty!!
person 2: Hahahahahahaa!! have you even heard any of his music?
person 1: (confused expression)he's a musician?
person 2: where have you been all your life? no wait, it's've been reading The Sun and watching Channel U.
by ~Hannah~ December 26, 2006
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Pete Doherty was born on March 12th 1979.
He is the former front man of 'The Libertines' and current front man of 'Babyshambles'. He is also working on a project with 'The Littl'ans'.

Pete Doherty is most famous for -
- His on going battle with Heroin and Crack Cocaine.
- Going out with Supermodel Kate Moss and having a turbulent relationship with her.
- Being kicked out of The Libertines.

People see Pete Doherty as a drug addled modern rock star that gives sloppy stage performances and is one of the tabloids most talked about.
Yes parts of that are true, but Pete Doherty is an influential songwriter, extremely clever and passionate about what he does. He just needs to sort himself out.
It makes me sad how people now only go and see him perform because they believe it will be like a Kurt Cobain scenario all over again.
If he does self-destruct then it will cause a huge void in the music industry. Rock music needs Pete Doherty.
by bloodflowers October 03, 2005
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I worship Pete Doherty. Tonight, I shall go home and think about Pete Doherty, while listening to his music, in a prayer-like fashion. Mmm Pete.
by Mena April 10, 2005
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absolute alpha male that has 18 girlfirends and produces a constant stream of sperm and poo
wow i wish i had a pee wee like conall doherty
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