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A British music video station dedicated to playing British garage, hip hop and RnB videos. To sum it up simply, the ghetto of music television.

It is characterised by its videos which have relatively cheap production budgets and the editing prowess of an overexcited Media Studies student made by obscure acts and 'crews' who usually just hang around in the background of the video filmed on an estate somewhere trying to look ever so hard to look menacing and killing off any sort of artistic impression the video could leave. The performers are mostly from London and unrepently flood the genre with their lack of originality, talent and their oblivious enforcement of black stereotypes, whilst they dream of being the next Dizzee Rascal/So Solid Crew who will be where in the next 5 years?

You thought Cribs on MTV can't be copied? You obviously haven't seen YARDZ. Now, Yardz is another Channel U production in the basic Cribs format where cameras follow an 'urban music celebrity' around their homes. A far cry from the real celebrities in the mansions, Yardz tends to feature small city houses with barely room for a camera crew to fit and the obligatory chavved up mess of a car parked up. True budget television.

Also home of one of the funniest shows on television, The Westwood Show - a poorly made production for DJ Tim Westwood who's ego goes into overdrive as he fills an hour of programming time with the delusions of him being a celebrity with his own show.
Oiiiiii blad, watch out, we're gonna be on channel U soon yeh, watch out for our video, we're gonna be BIG!

Wow. They filmed that video near my house!

*50 Cent's - What Up Gangsta*
What up WESTWOOOOOD *booooooom*

I have to make a video for my media studies project... I'll send it in to Channel U.

ITS THE WESTWOOD SHOW TAKING OVER CHANNEL U. Check this yeah, this is a Channel U exclusive. Me and my boys are rolling down to do this heavy set in Slough. Its the jump off baby.
by Seek aka Powerslider October 21, 2004
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