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When spooning in bed with a partner, dognosing is pressing the glans of one's cold, flaccid penis to the small of their back and adjacent areas, preferably post-coitus and with a drop of urine/semen clinging to the urethral slit.
My girlfriend kicked me out of bed for dognosing her.
by Nonsensicalme May 28, 2017
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During sex or foreplay, when you root your nose all up in her ass and/or pussy, like a dog, taking in all those hot, fragrant female aromas.
I was dog nosing Rachel's ass last night.

I was dog nosing your mom last night braaaaaahhh. Like a flower garden down there.
by Eaton Holgoode April 21, 2017
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On sharing a bed with a male friend, usually drunkenly, and awakening in the early hours to feel a sensation not disimilar to a dog, gently but persistently nudging your upper leg with it's nose, as if wanting a walk or a bone. I's not a dog. But it does want a bone.
Urgh, I was so pissed I passed out on Dave's bed, and woke up to find the desperate c**t dog nosing me. I played dead and eventually he stopped.

Nah I didn't shag him - I think he might have dog nosed me but it was too half hearted and torpid to warrant any response.
by Lizabeast May 13, 2010
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