1.The time period right after ejaculation into a female.
Guy 1: Last night, I skeeted on Mayra after 5 minutes.
Guy 2: Aww shit dude
Guy 1: Man, that was the longest post-coitus silence ever!
by vote_4_pedro987 October 15, 2005
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The phase after climax in intercourse where a person becomes completely incapacitated after coitus.
"Hey babe, can you go make some coffee?"
"Can't. I have Post-Coitus Mortis."
by Coffeepot666 November 18, 2021
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A binding vow made between close mates, thou shall not shave until coitus-completus (the deed is done).

Usually conducted as a bet between mates on a dry spell. Can also be used as motivation for mates hung up on an ex to move on.
Someone - What’s with the dirty mo’s?

The boys (simultaneously)- “We are bound by the vow of Post-Coitus-Shavus

Someone- Why doesn’t Johnny have one ?

Johnny- *smirks smuckishly*
by tommystips December 17, 2019
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The purple walrus that comes to congratulate you after successful coitus.
Guy1: Dude, I totally got to meet the Post-Coitus Purple Porpoise after my date with Sally this week end.
Guy2:Nice, dude, nice.
by GangstaGangsta214 March 23, 2009
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