sleeping with a mate's girlfriend,
not returning a favour,
not returning a shout at the pub,
drinking the last half pot of beer out of a jug you didn't buy,
cheating - especially when when what you're doing is not competitive
tony: "that prick john always disappears when it's his turn to shout!"

sam: "yeh, what a f*ing dog-act!"
by trunkman27 July 05, 2005
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The act of being an absolute tosser at a particular moment
John: It was so funny when I poked a hole in Wayne's condom
Ben: That was such a dog act
by BillOddie July 04, 2014
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(1) An Act of absolute treachery.

(2) An act of backstabbing or vindictive nature.

(3) An act of Parliament that gives authority to persons duly appointed to act (see (1) & (2).

(4) An act of a sneaky, slimy, ghost like nature, that sneaks up on you in the middle of the night.
That filthy Dog Act jumped on my back and assaulted me in the middle of the night while I was asleep.

That nasty Dog Act stalked my abode and stole all of my shit while I was away for the day.

Oh, I got stung by a retched Dog Act exercising his powers under the dog act 1976.

That filthy sepo slipped his finger in while I was asleep,., what a dog act...
by Secret Squirrel 88 April 10, 2015
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when someone commit such a back stabbing/ Dodgie act that the only way to describe it as a "dog act"
'Man WTF that was such dog act davies'
'that was lower than a scam, dog act'
by Brice Grosbergis November 05, 2006
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A phrase used by Sydney's Lad community. Describing an action by another which is bad for the user.
"Johnno, you didn't come mate, thats a DOG ACT."
by Andy From Australia November 18, 2007
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1 - Ripping the final cone from a mix in which you didn't financially contribute towards.
2 - An empty mixbowl of any sort.
3 - Splashback whilst ripping a cone.
4 - Devouring all of the munchies which you didn't pay for (Redskins in particular)
5 - To sell me kiff, trying to pass it off as bud.
Connie - *bubble* *gurgle* *rip......rip...* *RIP*

Me - Oi, Connie polished off the last cone of MY mix, man......mother fuckin' dead set DOG ACT!
by Chris Norman March 29, 2006
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