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A popular college drinking game that is similar to "Edward 40 Hands", only the difference is that instead of fourties, you hold two bottles of MD 20/20 aka "Mad Dog". The rules of the game are that you always have a bottle in each hand (With the option of duct taping them to your hand so nobody backs out), and you HAVE to finish both bottles.
Jim - "Dude, let's play some Edward 40 Hands tonight!"
DJ - "Naw man, I'm not feeling beer. Let's get sexy drunk off some wine!"
Jim - "Even better! We can do both! Let's play some Dog Paws!"
by IMcINasty September 30, 2009
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Obnoxious bulge in the male pelvic region. The male equivalent of a "camel toe"
Kathryn could not help but stare at Mark's dog paw through the entire meeting.
by brown cobra September 07, 2010
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A dogpaw is a mans penis that is covered in thick hair all the way up to the head of the penis.
Damn, it's time to shave the dogpaw again
by Shawn June 14, 2006
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When a dog stands in shit which results in them gaining a dog paw.
Fido just stood in shit and now he has a dog paw.
by Jeeves and Wooster May 03, 2007
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