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To get the short end of the stick; Short Changed


A greeting or term of enderment "Whats up Dogballs"


To phyiscally have canine testicals dragged across your face.
"Whats up Dog Balls"


"I was sposed to meet this honey at the bar and totally got dog balled"

by Christian Winkle March 08, 2008
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An alcoholic drink poured in a shot glass. It is chilled vodka with a splash of lime juice.

A celebratory expression to yell out when drinking dog ball shooters.
"Can I please order some Dog Balls for my friends"
You would say this to a waitress/bartender.

"Dog Balls!!" You would yell this out with your friends as you raise your glass to toast the drinking of Dog Balls.
by Doug Balls October 17, 2012
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The act of lowering your nut sack on to the lips of someone that is passed out. The nut sack touches the lips but does not actually enter the mouth as it does in the act of tea-bagging.
Did you see what Jerry did to his buddy the other night at the end of that party? He just dropped his nuts right on his face - dogballs: the ultimate degradation.
by Derik Scudder April 26, 2006
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when your nuts get behind your thighs on the butthole side when your legs are closed. kinda of like "the brain" but instead of using your hand your legs are doing the work. very inconvenient when you sit down or someone hits you from behind.
guy1-dude what's wrong?
guy2-i sat down when i had dog-balls on accident.
guy1-Ooo that shit is brutal.
by ---kris--- January 07, 2009
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An Eight on any single hole in golf.
Damn, I missed my putt. That makes it a Dog Balls
by Adam Ray October 24, 2006
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Something a person does just because they felt like it.
From the joke, "Why does a dog lick its balls? Because it can!"
I don't know why I got shit faced last night. It was just a dog ball thing.
by Michael September 08, 2004
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