In the poker variant of Texas Hold 'em, Dog Balls refers to holding pocket 8's (two 8's) as your hole cards. Superstitiously viewed as an unusually difficult hand to crack(beat).
I decided it was my time to go "all in" when I was dealt the dog balls.
by Robby Cross March 02, 2008
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As noted by the U.S. Navy SEALS, when the leadership has left them "hanging out there like DOG BALLS", exposed and to their own devices.
"The best example would be when the government abandoned the four Americans at the Benghazi, Libya compound, by not sending any help. They left the four hanging out like dog balls."
by scshootergw May 12, 2013
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when someone has big ole balls but a tiny little dick.
Nikki was so disappointmented with Jacob because he had those dog balls.
by Genesis420 May 13, 2017
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When a male person puts his testicles between his legs and thus allowing them to stick out the back.
Hey bitch, have you ever seen a set of "Dog Balls"? Oh you have? Well have you ever seen a set like this? (At that time you proceed to force your nutts between your legs and show your partner) Ohhh, those dog balls! She will love them and lick them.
by southboston29 January 23, 2009
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Eight marks in a game of American Darts (baseball).
Woodcock splashed 2 trips and buried a double for dog balls.
by GrimCT January 31, 2008
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An expression of supreme frustration and/or ridicule with a situation, or person that is unaware of their total ineptitude.

This term may be masked, for greater hilarity to those parties aware of the dig, with a reference to your friend "Doug Balz."
"You should come to this party tonight--I think it will be cool."

"dogballs to that."


"Do you mind if I invite my friend Doug Balz?"
by Kevin December 15, 2003
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When a male has not had sex, jerked off, or had wet dreams for a while and the balls droop due to excessive semen back up.
Jack: I'm so frustrated!
Friend: Why dude?
Jack: My girl ain't giving up the pussy!
Friend: Man u must have dogballs
Jack: The shit is hitting the ground!
by ghostlancer September 03, 2006
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