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The act of doing business faster. By condensing “doing business” into “dobis” one can complete their workload in a much timelier manner.
Dude, our deadline is in 2 hours! We need to dobis!
by 310Adub February 21, 2013
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(noun) Slang term for marijuana, primarily used in south central Pennsylvania. May sometimes be used with a preceding "the"
(verb) The act of smoking marijuana.
"Yo bro, do you have any dobis?" (noun)
"Why yes, I do possess the dobis." (noun)

"Ok, let's dobis!" (verb)
by EngineEar December 24, 2017
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The type of girl that is endlessly searching for their korean husband, apparently has a manly voice, but has no dumplings (don't bother if you love dumplings), is also able to make every sound effect known!
Oh my days we were watching a korean movie in class, and Dobi went crazy about that main character.
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by Senior Jr bootay July 27, 2018
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The area between the bottom of a man's scrotum and the beginning of his ass crack. The epitome of all manly stinkiness.
It's essential that you scrub your dobis while bathing, otherwise your gnarly pubes will bind together and form a cauldron of stink, the likes has never been witnessed.
by the_fatrix69 July 16, 2010
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katie ellis made up this word. you can only use it if you are a true dobis. you can use this word in anyway
i just took a phat dobis
you smell like dobis
i love you ugly dobis
by phatdobis June 30, 2019
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Shorthand for doing business, or to do a business.
Hey Steve, I heard you have your new quarterly budgets sorted – let's dobis.
by andandandandrew October 24, 2018
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