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An incredibly elaborate sex act requiring precisely three people. Person A takes a very hot shower so his balls are hanging rather low and then scoops his balls up and on top of his boner. He then sticks his boner between his legs and closes his legs so that his balls are up front and his boner is sticking out back.

Person A now waddles backwards and sticks his boner into Person B's ass/cunt (cannot be mouth). Person A does an abbreviated squatting motion so as to fuck Person B, but all the while Person A is keep his legs closed and his balls up front.

Just prior to climax Person A will point to Person C and scream 'Bloody Mary'! It is at this time that Person C, who has been an innocent bystander til this point, takes aim at Person A's awkwardly exposed balls with a paddle or baseball bat.

Only moments before Person A blows his load, Person C will strike Person A in the balls so that upon busting, Person A will blow a bloody cumshot into Person B's ass/cunt. Thus completing the 'Bloody Mary'.
Larry: "Hey Lawrence, I couldn't help but notice in the locker room that your balls are black and blue. You OK?"

Lawrence: "Oh, it's no big deal. Me, Rachel, and Rob had Bloody Mary Sex last night. And I'll tell ya what, Rachel can really swing a baseball bat hard!"
by the_fatrix69 July 16, 2010
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After a man anal creampies a chick, the chick gets down on all fours and points her asshole in the air. The chick then convulses her asshole with the pressure of 1,000 atmospheres so as to shoot the cum back out her ass and into the air in a majestic display of cum, shit chunks, blood, and beauty. This act is reminiscent of 'Old Faithful' erupting.
Larry: "Dude I'm quitting my job as a porn camera man."

Lawrence: "Why man? It's a sweet gig"

Larry: "I had to film an anal geyser scene today and got splattered by the spray. That's the 3rd pair of clothes I've had ruined this week because of anal geysers... It was majestic though."
by the_fatrix69 July 16, 2010
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Alternative reference for 'testicles and scrotum', most often mentioned after a man gets out of a long, hot, steamy shower. After extended exposure to high heat and humidity the ball sac gets loose, resembling chewed bubble gum that has been stretched out and covered in pubes.
After his time in the sauna, Larry's hairy gumbers were slapping the inside of his knees.
by the_fatrix69 July 06, 2010
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The area between the bottom of a man's scrotum and the beginning of his ass crack. The epitome of all manly stinkiness.
It's essential that you scrub your dobis while bathing, otherwise your gnarly pubes will bind together and form a cauldron of stink, the likes has never been witnessed.
by the_fatrix69 July 16, 2010
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