"Day of The Tentacle"
Second part of Maniac Mansion
Lucas Arts adventure game released in 1993.
You have to help Bernard (in the present), Hoagie(in the past) and Laverne(in the future) to save the world from Purple Tentacle.
"DoTT it's the best adventure game ever!"
"Do you know where I can find the gold to make the battery in DoTT?"
by 11claudiaAM May 14, 2005
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The nickname for Wyandotte,KC. An area of ruthless niggas who groove 24/7.
by Juss Marvelous April 07, 2006
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When her puss is so tight the opening is like a small dot.

polar opposite to a canyon-minge
- Did you have a good time last night?
- Omg she had a dott-minge so I lasted like 10 seconds

Her hole was tiny and I thought she had vaginismus, but turns out she had a dott-minge, once I was in, everything was golden
by revilo clockberg jr November 09, 2020
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Slang term for Wyandotte County, Kansas, a horrible place to live.
The only reason to ever enter Crime-dotte County is to go to the airport or Cabela's
by andy1 February 25, 2005
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What girls call guys in schools that send out dic pics and porn of themselves. Or girls referring to anything that dim witted guys do.

An acronym for: Dics Over There Talkin Shit
After a guy makes a crude comment or action towards a girl, other girlfriend says

Ughhh! Don't pay any attention to those Dotts!!!
by masked rapper January 10, 2018
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Boy: Hey want to dottes with me?
Girl: No that’s so ghetto!
by AUS.Life August 10, 2021
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