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fictional plastecine-based tv show inspired by wallace and gromit set in the universe of the dont hug me im scared television show.
mainly shown as a comedic interlude in the show.
*yellow guy watching grolton and hovris*
yellow guy: hey... hey hey... grolton is the dog
by realtackshooter August 2, 2023
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a rare drug taken to metabolise into GHB which can cause similar effects to alcohol.
tastes like paint stripper
Person 1: want some GBL
Person 2: i think ill have a fruit bag
by realtackshooter August 2, 2023
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short for "Greenwich-Methyl-Tryptamine", usually refers to rippin 4+ fat hits of a DMT vape (to break through) in the GMT +00:00 time zone. This term is rare and often only used in the Wigan/Bristol area.
Referenced by DanTDM in his new son reveal video.
DanTDM: Yo guys the diamond minecart here this is my son preston, we have just ripped the tripping penjamin and are being molested by ethereal dr trayauras, its GMT time
by realtackshooter August 13, 2023
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Short for "Massive Ordnance Air Benzene" and refers to a class of benzene famous for blowing ones socks off. Supplied exclusively by RamboUK2UK.
person 1: im about to drop a MOAB
person 2: you wont be able to HANDLE IT, get it, deji flip.
by realtackshooter August 16, 2023
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A multidimensional entity know mostly for his creation of utter filth for one’s ears. Notable songs include “Kraken” which has been known to have caused an outbreak in E-Coli due to the excessive filth.

Also a 38 year old caucasian man
person 1: yo what are you gonna drop at the mr traumatik set?
person 2: 13 sheets of acid, i’m about to deji flip!
person 1: What a save!
by realtackshooter August 5, 2023
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When you insufflate enough downers to tranquilizers a rhino, usually involves a feirce comedown after its symptoms subside.
person 1:i just did a calfreezy flip
person 2:i dont wanna be that guy in the morning
by realtackshooter August 16, 2023
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the silent penguin antagonist in wallace and gromit: the wrong trousers.
Often seen disguised well as a chicken stealing diamonds and other precious minerals alike.
Wallace: Yo gromit its feathers mcgraw from wallace and gromit: the wrong trousers
Gromit: *silent acknowledgement*
by realtackshooter August 2, 2023
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