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To unleash a beating on an individual or group.
He was infuriating me, I lost the plot and decided to do a number on him
by PAPAWINDY November 14, 2013
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I'm not surprised you're tired out; this job can really do a number on you at times.
by hal5664 December 16, 2008
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a reference to the mutual oral sex activity commonly known as 69
Dave and Marsha seem to have realy hit it off. I think they were doing the numbers after the party.
by BirdWatcher November 25, 2006
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code name-The act of 69ing. Either m+m ,f+f, m+f simultaneously performing oral sex on eachother.
Guy:hey lets do the numbers when we get home

girl:i cant wait to suck your dick
guy:true, i cant wait to eat your pussy out at the same time

Guy: hey me and that hot chick are doing the numbers after school
guy2: nice dude
by blerbertswag1 September 19, 2013
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When you suck your own peen. An alternative way to saying “go fuck yourself
Tom: “Do a number 9. “
Jerry: “Fuck you too, man”
by Lord toadperson October 11, 2021
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"Doing Numbers" refers to when something sells alot of units or a respectable amount of units. Mostly used on forums to predict, celebrate or ridicule the performance of an album that just hit the market. In hiphop forums, arguments over successful/superior albums can sometimes result in comparing Soundscan/Hits Daily Double sales.

For an album to "do numbers", usually it needs to sell AT LEAST 100k in the first week, go #1 on the chards, and go GOLD or PLATINUM at some point.. otherwise it is a dud
The J.Cole album is coming out after being pushed back 5x, it has no buzz behind it, i doubt it'll do numbers
by maroontiger March 6, 2011
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When a tweet starts gaining traction & popularity. Usually with many retweets and favs/likes.
Damn, your tweet is doing numbers bruh!
I know man, I had to turn my phone notifications off.
by golfboys February 23, 2016
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