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Pronunciation: DUH-jent
Origin: THALL
Meaning: Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-buh BUH NUH Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-bukah Bam-buh Bam-buh BUH NUH

Pickuh-pukah Puckah Puckah Uh-pick-up-a-pancake I-pick-up-a-pancake Uh picka picka Pickuh-pukah Puckah PWAHHH Up-a-pancake I-pick-up-a-pancake


Ba-na-na Ba-na-na Ba-nana BA-NA-NA BA-NA-NA BA-NANA!

Djent D-Djent D-D-D-jent D-D-jent D-D-D Djent Djent D-D-D-jent Duh Djent D-Djent D-D-D Djent D D-D-jent D-D-D Djent Djent D-D-D-jent Duh DJENT D-jent D-D-D Djent D D DJENT D-D-D DJENT DJENT D-D-D-JENT DUH DJENT

P-keng-keng-keng P-keng-keng-keng Keng K Keng P-keng-keng-keng P Keng Keng Keng Keng K KENG P-KENG-KENG-KENG P KENG KENG KENG KENG K KENG P-KENG-KENG-KENG P KENG KENG KENG KENG K


Buh-puh-puh-kah Buh-puh-puh-kah Buh-puh Puh-kah Buh-puh-puh Buh-puh Ta-tickah Ta Buh-puh-puh-kah Bah Puh Kah Tick-a Tick-a TICK-A-TI-KA-KA TA TICK A TA

Example 1:
Person1: Yo man, you gonna Djent with that Strat
Person2: Dude you kidding? You can't Djent with a 6 string strat. Dummy.

Person1: Hey man, what kind of music do you play?
Person2: Yeah I play Djent, but I dabble in Tambourinecore from time to time.
by KingNothingIII June 24, 2016
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Djent is used to describe a certain kind of guitar tone characterized by medium-high gain, a quick-release noise gate to emphasize staccato playing, a cut of most bass below 200Hz for a tight low end, a slight boost around 800hz for clarity, and a noticeable boost around 1.6Khz to emphasize pick attack. When a two-octave power chord is palm-muted with this tone, a "djent" sound is created rather than the typical chunkier sound.

Djent also refers to repeated staccato playing of the lowest-pitch string on a detuned 6 string or 7 string guitar with a powerful attack such that the string goes very slightly sharp upon the pick's release from the string. Lower-gauge strings are used to facilitate this.

Djent tone is many times created using a Line 6 amp modeling product such as the Pod series or the Axe-Fx. When possible, an amp model such as the Big Bottom or Modern High Gain on these devices is used in conjunction with a modeled Tube Screamer in front. Engl and Mesa amplifiers are typically used when tube amplification is preferred.

Djent is widely acknowledged to have come first from Meshuggah, but Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor has arguably popularized the sound. Djent's typical uses give rise to a "genre" of djent that is characterized by hi-fi compressed production, polyrhythmic/staccato distorted riffs and ambient clean passages which make liberal use of 9 and other "jazzy" chords. Electronica influences such as glitchy percussion and synthesizers are also incorporated.
I saw Periphery live, they were djenty as HELL!
by MoJiggity February 04, 2010
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A word commonly used when the abilities of an electric guitar are being questioned. Guitars with 7 strings or less are usually not classified as djentable
Fred: 'That's a nice guitar!'
Bob: 'Yeah, but will it djent?'
Fred: 'Don't think so, it only has 7 strings'
by Digrosz February 25, 2015
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Guitar noise onomatopoetia.
The sound you get when you palm mute with razor tight, high gain tone.


Not to be mixed up with the ordinary "chugga-chugga" or "dun! dun-dun!".
Metalhead #1: Dude, did you hear Peripherys new tunes?
Metalhead #2: Yeah, what a great djent on the guitars!
by Mynd August 07, 2007
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Hitting the low string on a 6-7 or even an 8 string guitar, but then palm muting the string straight after it has been hit. Tunings used with 'djents' are usually Drop C# right down to low F's.

Artists such as Meshuggah, Periphery, Textures, Xerath and Midnight Realm use Djents in their music.
my god bulb did a Djent.... he is so cool at Djenting
by Von Shreddus April 07, 2008
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A depraved and perverse encounter in men's public toilets, closely related to 'dogging', whereby a 'Djenter' would enjoy watching other males relieve themselves in a public convenience, often taking sexual gratification from the experience. A 'Djenter' can often be spotted with the knee areas of corderoy pants balding from excessive palm wear, and have an unhealthy interest in mathematics. Djenters often have poor handwriting, which lead to illegible signatures.

Known Djenters: Paul 'Chimp Spanner' Ortiz, Acle Kahney, James Monteith, Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, Alex Bois, Fredrik Thordendal, Marten Hagstrom, Joe Duplantier, Christian Andreu, Aaron Smith, Sean Alf, Olly Steele, Nano Sigo, and many more ...
"Do you like Djenting?"
"Excuse me, I just need to go for a Djent."
"Look at that guy, he's a right Djent."
"Hey, you better not be Djenting in there."
"Djenting is 'On a matter of Pee-er..."
"Djent djentdjent djent djent djent djentdjent djent djentdjentdjent djent ... etc.,"
by An English Djentleman August 16, 2011
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Simply put, Djent is a (kind of) genre of metal with repeated use of the lowest available open string, often staccato and fast. Djent breakdowns are also usually quite intricate. Stereotypically, djent will have the perfect Axe FX settings and heavily down tuned 9-string guitars. For origin info, look at thall.
Person 1: "You don't djent!"
by ErectArete May 19, 2016
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