A strong positive word used casually to show how attracted you are to someone
‘You see that girl there , she’s too keng

That man is keng!!’
by JJVANDI April 21, 2020
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A cool and funny asian guy that is always making the group that he is in laugh.
by XxAsian_BoixX December 5, 2019
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An cool and funny guy that always make his friends laugh.
Damn, Keng is always funny.
by XxAsian_BoixX December 5, 2019
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People or person that is in denial about his sexual desire towards farm animals.
And has a very strange attraction towards horrendous 1/1 trainers.
"Why won't Ken admit he loves performing sexual activities on farm animals?"

"I know, right. He such a keng!"
by Croissant fingers October 16, 2018
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kenge literally is derived from ken-gay. which means he's obviously gay.most of his college friends(?) think he has no dick.

his name is also used by both girls and boys.this person is very cheap , and cares only about money. people think that is because of his(?) gay nature!!!
hey!! don't be cheap like kenge!!
by boogageekworld March 5, 2017
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n. vagina
originates from ill-mannered ilocano-americans of SoCal
"two for the po keng keng, and one for the stank."
by Gaston October 6, 2004
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