Character in the Sammy/Arc Systems Works game franchise "Guilty Gear." First appeared in "Guilty Gear X."

Considered a vital character to the plot of the series. Also popular among the game's fanbase, due to her nearly universal appeal.

See bondageable.
I like Dizzy.
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
a stupid person. someone who is not that smart
by nneka October 10, 2004
a goofy girl that gets up in your face.
an excellent softball pitcher. skrizzy
by laurenn:) November 3, 2008
A Guy known to be awesome or full of awesomeness.
Is a very good driver, despite lack of decent automobile or money.
(Person 1) Hey, was that Peter Brock?
(Person 2) Nah, that's Dizzie.
(Person 1) What a shit car!
(Person 2) ............
by Daniel Kane March 11, 2008
Another word to say a dime of weed. A dime is for the price which is ten dollars. But with this recession the price just might rise.(Lets cross our fingers it doesnt.)
"Come through with a dizzy so we could smoke that shit."
by NoBetterLove<3 December 23, 2008
1. Exclamation of excitedness.
2. Expressing something as cool, neat.
by Amber January 5, 2004
1., adj.: Wild, crazy, unrestrained or uninhibited.

2., n.: the situation or word; "the deal", related to the ebonic "dizzle" (deal + izzle = dizzle)
1. You're actin dizzy man, put your uniform back on before the boss sees you!

2. What's the dizzy on this project you're working on?
by Gamberro Salvador October 5, 2009