The hottest 3-year-old in a videogame ever. But you'd better not be a pervert around her - her wings will fry your ass.
Ah! It's Dizzy!! *heart*
by GenocideHeart January 18, 2004
Discord, or more specifically a Discord handle.
"Hey what's your dizzy @?"
by DespacitoSpider March 12, 2021
Dizzy meaning extremly good, or staisfying.
Damn this plate of food looks mad DIZZY.

That corndog I had last night was dizzy
by burnoneallday August 31, 2010
Head or oral sex from a female to a male.
If she bout givin neck, best believe I'mma get dizzy.
by JayJaySmoothe December 20, 2005
Common subject for use in the art form hentai. Only videogame character under 5 years old who dresses with less clothing than Britney Spears. One of the more innovative ideas for a fighter game character. Do not become flirtatious with her, as the results are undesirable, and can include locking into a sarcophagus and being shot with flaming arrows.
Dizzy has no Instakill, the hell're you talking about?!
by NeonZERO January 8, 2005
high quality marijuana. synonymous with dank or kind bud.
by slickmanbrian February 28, 2006