Matt: bro i got the sickest stash of Triple D (Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur)
Ben: man lets go trip into space
by batt men December 24, 2008
a rapper who is part of the freestyling group of staten island BiLl FlIpEr$
"yo0 yo0 chek it hold tight wut is dat" ur spytin,kwit frontin gawd u no half of da shyt u sed wus writen~~~
by DiZzY November 15, 2003
Nickname the opps use for a member of the GD's.
He black flaggin', he must be a dizzy.
by Rablaze84 May 4, 2022
The type of girl who will either be crying in her room or breaking moves on the dance floor. A good friend, but an even better confident boost to have around as she often is a joke.
Did you see dizzie last night on the dance floor? That. Girl. Is. A. Mess.
by Kb original gangsta May 29, 2017
A quite new but kool girl and promising creator in Mugen community.
by Blargh August 8, 2003
1. My babe.
2. A 3-year old girl with a pair of badass wings, a tail, and a body of a matured pornstar.
I love Dizzy
by BR1D63T September 20, 2010
kind buds - the buds that get you fuckin stoned, not just high
get a gram of dizzy for a dub
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003