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A divot is Scottish slang. It refers to the patch of grass that is a few inches wide and a few inches long that happens when you go golfing. It also looks like the patch of hair on a woman's vagina, hence the term "divot". Etymology: alteration of earlier Scots devat, from Middle English (Scots) duvat. Date: 1586. 1 Scottish : a square of turf or sod
The Scotsman came home from drinking scotch and said to his woman "come on love and show me your divot!"
by Ehusserl April 29, 2010
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Used as a slang term to describe someone who looks and acts unusual. They will probably be flamed for being a divot. Used to as well describe someone badly or rudely, as if they are trying to flame.
Landon: Brianna is a divot
Brianna: You trying to flame?
by landonnye1 June 01, 2018
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The act of putting your hand down a person's pants, grabbing as much of the pubic hair as possible... yelling "FORE!" and then ripping as hard as you can!
Jessica said she'd probably let me give her a divot tonight.
by Whipshock August 15, 2003
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a sexual act involving pooing into your own hand and mashing the poo into a female vagina. once the said poo is in place, you shave off your pubes (make sure you grow for a few weeks before committing the act) and mash them into the poo, creating the effect of replacing a divot.
i gave her a solid divot last night because i was growing my pubes for about 4 months.
by Lloyd599 December 02, 2009
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