A group approach to the solution of a problem by breaking it down and having members of the group solve different parts of the problem simultaneously. Rooted from the historic strategy of powerful empires/rulers separating their enemies among themselves before attacking them; separating a large army into smaller divisions to be able to defeat each smaller portion at a time.
*Working on group school project* "Let's divide and conquer this thing. Let's break it down into four parts and all four of us can pick one to do."
by Day Lovell November 16, 2021
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When a chick plays hard to get in the bedroom, so the dude/other chick has to fight to divide the legs, thus conquering funkytown.
Man Ashley, I haven't played Divide and Conquer for a whole two hours. I'm bout to conquer that action like Cortez and the Aztecs.
by Lazy Skank February 14, 2009
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When a chicks breasts are spread by a strap.
Sitting in a car with a seat belt or walking down the street with a purse strap between her breasts. Look at that divide and conquer. Those are gonna slap her in the face.
by Deboe June 5, 2006
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When a man is talking/texting multiple women and is loyal to all them, those beautiful goddesses.. and dominating I'm the bedroom, just don't get caught! ;)
Another Divide & Conquer Variation Definition:
When a Pimp/Player/Top G sweet talks & makes loves to multiple women...

When a woman describes a player:

"All that man does is divide and conquer women."
Or when a man uses it,
"I divide and conquer women, they all adore and love me." As the Man said presumably
Top G shit
by RumHamm November 19, 2022
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