To engage in an argument; debate about something; argue against; etc.
Back in 1517, Protestants against the Roman Catholic Church gave religious disputes about why the Roman Catholic Church shouldn't focus on the wealth and eloborate decorations in the Church but instead, based on the word God from the bible.


My brother and I had a dispute about who should have the last cookie in the jar first.
by Yellow Sushi January 18, 2010
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Something a noob clan does, after they get pwnt in league matches.
=A= owned us...better Dispute
by De+oX February 24, 2004
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having a dispute over a possible grade for a business law midterm or an argument definition between two penguins
If I have a dispution for my grade, who do I talk to?
by GOOwin October 23, 2008
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posh people with good manners throwing shit at each other nonetheless
when Mr Fitzgerald spilt my pint we had a dispute
by prettyugly November 21, 2004
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Most likely one of the best bands I have ever heard. Their lyrics actually mean something unlike most bands, they don't just mindlessly sing about love like retards, they sing and play it like people all around the music scene would see it. Not only do they write about "love", but endings of marriges, depression, etc. And the vocals are raw and you can hear how much Jordan means what he is singing, or yelling/screaming at that matter. In my opinion the best song is The Last Lost Continent, it's absaloutley amazing.
kid 1: oh man I love this song New Storms for Older Lovers by La Dispute!

kid 2: Let me hear. HOLY SHIT, he fucking means it!

kid 1: hell yeah!
by Louhah June 21, 2010
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the act of nutting, ejaculating, or cumming.
AJ was filing a dispute even though it's no-nut November.
by yungdairy November 22, 2018
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When someone disputes a purchase or service for some stupid reason.
That guy had a real douche dispute. He called in to demand free pizza because there were only 30 pieces of pepperoni on his pizza.

“I want to have all my money back from this flight, it was delayed by 45 minutes.”
Ma’am, we were in the middle of a blizzard, you’re lucky your flight was even able to leave. If you want to continue with this douche dispute, I will be forced to disconnect this call.”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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