Shorthand for cannabis dispensary. A place where an individual can purchase marijuana in states where it is legal.
Hey man, I'm going to the dispo to go get some pre-rolls. Do you want me to get you anything?
by PepeSalvia June 9, 2020
Short for disposable vape. These are essentially non-refillable juuls that almost always contain nicotine.
Guy: "Hey man, can I buy a Dispo?"
Other guy: "Sure dude, you got 6 bucks?"
by Unnamed demon March 14, 2020
Dispo is short for a disposable vape. Normally used me high schoolers who don't wanna get caught.
Teenager : Can i get a dispo ?
Man : Yeah once you're the legal age .
by xoxohpsgale October 30, 2022
An extremely disproportionate person…. For example a person that is short with long gangly arms, gray hair on temples, though one is young. And bangs underage girls from Texas, hangs out with kids with curly mullets named Thaddeus.
'Dispooooooo... HOLLLAR!!!'

'Did you see Dispo gettin' it on with Buffy and Muffy at the club... HOLLLAR!!?'
by CubbieCore November 24, 2003
Slang word used in Danish. Refers to the word "disposition". Hardly used. Maybe used by one out of 28 students.
Jeg tænker..., jeg jeg jeg, når jeg gør dit og dat, så gør jeg dit og dat i min disposition.
by thewinner August 29, 2019
a clinic provided by public or charitable funds. In marijuana friendly states a dispensary is where one goes to purchase one's medicine.
John: "Did Alec ever get his recommendation."
Zebra: "Yeah, he's at the dispo now!"
John: "What a stoner haha"

Zebra: "420 Blaze it faggot"
by boopkwtfhowisthistaken January 21, 2014
Dispo is short for Dispossessory Warrant. The first step in the eviction process is to file and have served a Dispossessory Warrant upon a tenant.
I am tired of chasing that fool around, I am going to file a dispo in the morning and evict him.
by RentMan January 2, 2012