A feeling of absolute disorganisation and disorientation to the point where a new word is evented because all else in the world is strange and confusing. Usually brought about by a tremendous wine related hangover
Fiona: Come on Benson let's do your poo's
Benson: woof woof I'm not ready for poo's I shall explore the quarry some more
Fiona: fml i'm so f**king disorganated right now
Benson: woof woof
by Mr.Wordy McWordword September 6, 2014
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Vandercook’s cross country course.
You are so disorganized.
by BOBBOB9876 October 3, 2017
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A sociological theory that can be used to explain the emergence of BLM
The criminal elements of BLM, especially the youths, are neither genetically criminal by nature nor totally socially functional. They come from families that victims of the social disorganization theory
by Sexydimma March 9, 2021
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A way of keeping things organized just enough that even though it's messy, you know where everything is or should be
Friend: you should really manage all the clutter in your bag

You: I'm using disorganized organization, I know where whatever I'm looking for it
by Oakwood Chair Grove January 6, 2022
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