Abbreviation for 'Waltor Mitty' - someone who pretends to be something they’re not, especially: a member of the armed forces, a war veteran or a policeman.
These pathetic individuals try to compensate for their social inadequacies by adopting what they see as a glamorous or respectable lifestyle.
"Check out that military re-enactor walt. What a cunt."

"This walt tosser told me he was 22 SAS but I recognised him from Burger King.'
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A military slang term, "Walt", which is an abbreviation of the name 'Walter Mitty', which refers to someone who has aspirations to become a soldier, but none of the necessary personal qualities. This bit of slang can also refer to someone who poses as an (ex-)soldier but who isn't a soldier (serving or former), or who poses as something he isn't or wasn't; for example, regular army soldiers who pose as SAS troopers. The term is often used to describe people who participate in "war games" such as Airsoft, Paintball, Military Re-enactment and individuals who are not serving/never served in the Armed Forces but have an obsession with Military Surplus, Regalia, Weaponry etc but subconciously does not understand the difference between Civilian and Military life.
People like Walts who do airsoft, paintball are total complete tossers, retards, live in a fantasy, bullied at school and most certainly don’t have a girlfriend.
by CarcusDodger December 1, 2009
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Walt is an absolutely amazing guy he can brighten up anyone's day and always seems to be there when you need him. He has facial and chest hair that makes you just want to run your hands all up and down him. If you ever have the experience of meeting a Walt you will know almost instantaneously that he is the most perfect guy. After knowing him for awhile you will fall in love with him and it is the kind of love that makes it impossible to imagine life without him.
Girl one: Have you met Walt?
Girl two: Yes he is breath taking

Girl one: I know. I love him.
by LaylaSaunders December 30, 2013
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refers to an action given to an employer by an employee, usually going into work an hour late, taking a two hour lunch, and leaving an hour early.
walt, the: "Last Friday, I was very hungover, so I gave my firm the Walt"
by Geoffrrey December 12, 2006
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A euphemistic reference to pornographic material; Disney for adults.
1. That's some high-class Walt.

2. She likes her Walt kinky.

3. Bryan's girlfriend totally found his Walt folder.
by My Fair Llama September 21, 2012
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