Josh Khan because he perv's over 13 year old girls like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.
Josh! Don't be such a Dirty Fucker and stop perving over Juliet! You and Friar Lawrence are so alike!
by Francesca November 29, 2004
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Neil: Where's Simon?

Jay: Went to the loo to do a Dirty Fucker.
by Monsieur Von Fatcat VIII March 12, 2013
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From the movie Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back; A nerdy loser animal lover that if he were a sheep, would fuck another sheep.
by H0LLiSTER May 23, 2006
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You just really fuck all day and night also you say I'm sick to skip school and fuck even more than god like what the fuck bro you just hit it in that bed you make more than that one time I went to a strip club, and she made something, so you go bro like fuck the others you are great not in a gay way you should go to Japan for women they hit like crazy and the strip clubs here are great for picking something up for the day like yeah fuck yeah.
by Emi's fat ass March 11, 2022
one who likes the feeling of a young very tight infected ,from birth or rape, pussie because the lumps from infection and tightness have an awesome feeling on his dick
o you hear about my french neihbor BAlKoER well i heard he was a dirty diamond fucker and the dirty diamond is his own child who has his swollen aids
by el sapo mago September 7, 2010
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When a dirty ass slut gets tired of all the niggers big ass cocks she results in fucking a horse that has a 2ft cock that comes out her throat when the horse thrusts and leaves her vagina looser than a gay mans asshole in hollywood.
Guy 1: Dude my gf just broke up with me.
Guy 2: Oh I knew it was her fucking that horse on the side of the road!
Guy 1: Fucking dirty horse cock fucker!!
by bendover right now ho May 6, 2008
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One who enjoys performing sexual intercourse on the canine species. Is not picky based on breed or size. Any canine will suffice.
Hey did you just fuck that dog in the asshole, you Dirty Dylo Dog fucker?!!!!!!
by IHATEDYLO March 19, 2009
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