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Folken Lacour de Fanel is the first-born prince of Fanalia in the Japanese anime "Escaflowne". He is known for being the most intelligent scientist in Zaibach, the enemy country in the story. His mechanical right arm is another one of his outstanding characteristics, because he lost it during an incident while dragonslaying, so that he may become king of his country.
"Dilandau dispises Folken because he doesn't always listen to what he has to say"
by Francesca December 20, 2003
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Kakarotto, also known as "Goku" in the anime Dragonball Z, created by Akira Toriyama. 'Kakarot' is Goku's real name on his home planet of Vegeta-sei, before he came to earth and was given his new name. The'to' is added for formality. The only one who calls him by his Saiya-jin name is Vegeta.
"Kakarotto, I hate you!" (Vegeta)
by Francesca December 20, 2003
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Broly is the FUNIMATION english translation for "Burori", also called "Brolly", in the anime Dragonball Z, (movie 8) created by Akira Toriyama.
"Broly is the strongest living Saiyan alive!
by Francesca December 20, 2003
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A clever term invented by myself and a friend during an extremely uninteresting French lesson at our bleak little school (Granville Community School in the heart of Woodville). It is the phonetic equivilent of arsehole, but is someone with 1) A big fat cock up their arse, 2) A lampost or something of equal size up their arsehole.
Wow, Josh Khan! You're a stoner AND an Arse Pole!
by Francesca November 26, 2004
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Burori is the japanese name for "Brolly" or, "Broly"- (FunImation version) in the anime Dragonball Z, movie 8. He is the "Saiya-jin of legend", (The Legendary Super-Saiyajin)

The Japanese alphabet doesn't have a the letter "L", so they use the letter "R" to translate it into english. Thus 'Burori' becomes 'Broly'
"Burori is the strongest Super Saiya-jin in movie 8, and some say ever"
by Francesca December 20, 2003
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Someone (usually a guy) who is a wimp and/or refuses to do something.
Synoymns: pansy wimp big girl's blouse
Person 1: Dare you to eat that out-of-date milk
Person 2: No way!
Person 1: Ah, c'mon, ya big girl.
by Francesca March 13, 2005
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1) A word used instead of profanity
2) A synonym for a stoner a.k.a Joshua Khan
3) Something that is complete and utter bollocks
2) Wow, Josh is a Blurgon!
3) The result for the last French test is a load of Blurgon
by Francesca November 24, 2004
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