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To dirk someone, or multiple people. A sort of mildly-threatening dance involving a rigid front leg, and generally a textbook get-em-up. Dirks take many forms, and are indeed unique to the individual.
Ben: Brad is dirking Carl, he is getting dirked on.
Liam: He just got dirked!
by Max Krueger statistician September 29, 2009
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When one acts extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant. A modern substitute for the word Bitch. Dirking can be used to explain ones actions when they complain, behave immaturely, or whine.
if your girlfriend is complaining that the two of you "never see any girly movies anymore." you can tell her to "stop Dirking."
by smoothie from clutchfans November 07, 2007
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1. Going to a work or school cafeteria to drink free coffee instead of working
2. Drinking coffee from a machine marked 'staff only' when you are obviously not staff.
Gary: Hey Andy, shall we go dirking during this next budget presentation?
Andy: Why not? They'll never believe we don't work here.
by Gareth Hall April 18, 2008
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To selfishly engage in a romantic, one-sided relationship with a non-compatible partner without long-term intent due to desire for companionship.

Past tense: dirk-ed
David was dirking Lisa because he knew they were not compatible but he continued to see her even though he knew she wanted more than he was willing to give. Lisa was being dirked.
by sillymilo April 07, 2014
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