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Diphenhydramine is a drug used as a sleep-aid. It is often used as a recreational drug that is cheap and effective.
I've used diphenhydramine as a recreational drug before. If you want to you need to find out what high dose is right for how much you weigh. When I used it my light moved around, when I looked at my wall there were hundreds of flys all over it and it sometimes looked like my walls were smoking. I could barley walk and I didn't really know what I was doing all that much.
by Your man! 325😉 September 21, 2016
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Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient in Benadryl, as well as most no-name allergy pills, motion sickness pills, and sleep aids. When taking in high doses, Diphenhydramine causes hallucination and extreme paranoia in some cases.

On a DPH trip, the user experiences realistic visual hallucinations they can often confuse for reality, along with occasional audial hallucinations. The trip lasts anywhere from 2 hours to a day, dependent on the dose taken. If you or someone you know plans on tripping on DPH, you'll need the following : A trip sitter. (VERY important. VERY.), a small room. (The tripper may become uncomfortable in a large room.), Calming/Mellow music in case of freakout, and last but definitely the most important, experience with hallucinogenic drugs. This is DEFINITELY not the drug to start your tripping career with.

The high is comparable to a weed high at the first plateau (around 30 mins after dose until an hour and a half after dose). At the second plateau, from two hours after dose to three, the tripper will experience audio hallucinations, and the occasional movement in peripheral vision. At the third and final plateau, the tripper will experience extremely realistic hallucinations, to the point where they will act on them. For example : Tripper begins to hallucinate a party. Tripper may begin to dance, serve drinks, and eat, despite there being no party.
A: Hey man, I'm going to need a trip sitter for this Diphenhydramine trip, you in?
B: Yeah sure.


A:Why did you invite C? That guy's a douchebag...
B: ....C isn't here.... o.O
by DiphenTripper June 07, 2011
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Used in the over the counter medicine Benadryl. I DO NOT recommend using this shit to get high. You'll see things you could swear are real. You'll cross over to the other side. You'll see spiders that aren't there. You'll have conversation with people that aren't real. You'll be freaked out of your mind by shit that humans aren't meant to see.
Take crack, take heroin, take acid, but don't do Diphenhydramine unless you want to get freaked the fuck out.
by Rozza Roz Rox August 19, 2008
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Diphenhydramine is most known for its active properties in over-the-counter antihistamine benadryl. Very good for taking care of allergies, but drowsiness is a significant concern. For this reason, it's often used as a sleep aid.

Also used frequently for a cheap, fast high. Causes visual and auditory hallucinations, dizziness, confusion, delirium, and finally sedation. Makes music, breathing, and movement pleasing. Negative side effects from overdose include cottonmouth, irregular urination, amnesia, and erectile dysfunction.
I took 600 mg of diphenhydramine last night and could have sworn my house was on fire and the teapots were singing to me...
by LaDiablo May 04, 2006
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Active ingredient found in Benadryl and over the counter sleep aids such as Nytol or Unisom. Can be used recreationally if taken in doses exponentially higher than recommended. When abused, people take up to 30+ the recommended dose. When taken in high doses symptoms include auditory, tactile, and visual hallucinations, tachychardia (increased heart rate), dry mouth, ringing in ears, impaired motor control, increased or difficulty urinating, constipation or diarrhea, rapid respiration, extreme drowsiness, impaired memory, upset stomach, possible anxiety, burning and redness in eyes, impaired concentration, dilated puils and general dreamlike feeling. Not recommended to be used in combination with alcohol or depressants as symptoms are intensified and overdose is a risk. Really not very good for you and the high isn't that fun but you'll probably take it anyway.
She sat in her room all night and ate a pack of Benadryl so she could get high on the diphenhydramine.

by littlerudegirl December 08, 2006
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Commonly used in OTC allergy drugs, like benadryl, a substance that has the ability to alter the mind to a dissociative and euphoric state. NOT a recommended recreational substance as it produces awful side effects like headaches, nausea, hot flashes, and much more. Although it does have some positive and creative effects which can include a heightened sense of time, closed eye visuals, hearing sounds or seeing colors, objects appearing to move or shift, and altered perception of vision. All in all, I do not recommended this drug for recreational purposes as you will have to pop nearly a whole entire box of allergy tablets (24 ct) to get high. So, just stick to that sticky green and you will find enjoyment in anything you do.
Austin: "Hey Alex," "wanna take some of that diphenhydramine and watch the seagulls talk to the ever inspiring priest??"

Alex: "Nah man," "I think I'll just skip all those BS side effects and puff on this premium Sour Diesel, a stoner favorite!"

Austin: "Let me pack my bong and I will trek with you on this journey to cloud 9."
by harpo carpo May 25, 2014
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