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DPH is an abbreviation for the chemical "Diphenhydramine" (dye-fen-hye'-dra-meen). It is the active ingredient in many over the counter sleep aids including Unisom, Nytol, Tylenol PM (combined with acetaminophen) and in many generic store brand remedies. It is also the active ingredient in Benadryl and is very closely related to the chemical Dimenhydrinate which is the active ingredient in Dramamine.
Diphenhydramine is classified as an antihistamine, antiemetic, sedative, and hypnotic. It is also an anticholinergic deliriant in high doses ( 150-800 mg's). Some people consider it recreational in these high doses but the uncomfortability of the high keeps it's abuse potential to a minimum. DPH is also used recreationally in lower doses (25-100mg's) in combination with opiates and benzodiazepines for it's potentiation abilities.
Last night I railed an OC 80 and took 75 mg's of DPH. Man I was noddin' hard!
by PsychoActivist November 02, 2008
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DPH - Dirty Pirate Hooker - can be used in various ways to insult your friends/family/co-workers/etc.
by dikon August 01, 2007
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A hood in Sacramento Ca, 95838 were niggas get money and get bitches. North side of the city and Del Paso Heights is the hardest hood in north Sac and if you slide threw talkin the wrong shit I beT you get yo shit split, we blood niggas out here except for Noglas crip niggas and were money motivated
I was just in DPH and some niggas start bussin at me.
by DeShawne February 03, 2008
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The initials of a legendary college student from years ago. While these stories have only but rumored to be myths many believe a kid with these initials actually existed. It is rumored that he had a 26 beer pregame before going to a party. He can supposedly sober up in 30 minutes even if he is blackout. His weed tolerance got so high he needed to hit the gravity bong 4 times before class just to have a buzz. He has never experienced a hangover. He had a 13 beer alone sunday funday including double and triple funnels, one of the most aggresive lone drinks known to this day. Not once has he lost a chugging event. DPH is known to be one of the hardest partiers in the history of college.
"Yo, I hear DPH is coming to our party tonight" "Holy shit, we are going to be fucking legends"

"Omg DPH is soo hot, I hope he picks me to fuck tonight"
by the trooth August 01, 2012
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Pronounced D-P-H it is an acronym for really good pot. It's short for any one of the following combinations
Dank/Damn Primo/Premium/Phenomenal Herb.
Dude, now that it's legal let's fire up some of that dph you're stashing in your sock drawer!
by Doc Primo Herb February 04, 2018
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damage per hit; Used to indicate power and efficiency of a weapon.
OMFG he got a higher dph with his pansy ass dagger than my rain of fire!!!!!11111
by phatrice April 17, 2006
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DPH is an acronym for Dollars Per Hump. This refers to the amount of cash a male expends on average per sexual encounter with a female. For instance, if a male were to spend a total of $100 on 4 dates with a girl after which he had sex with her once each time, his DPH would be $25. It is widely believed that the lower a male's DPH, the more efficient he is in procuring sex. However, it should be taken into consideration that more attractive females may command and require a higher DPH based on their ability to pursue alternative and more plentiful sources of income should they so desire.
We've only been out twice and both times we grabbed fast food so my DPH is looking pretty good.
by DukeMPG July 31, 2008
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