27 definitions by Johnny Davison

A phrase best used when everything seems to be going wrong or horrible and all you want to do is cry.
Elmer: Gas prices have gone up again!
Hank: Well, for Crying In The Shit House, not again!

Gavin: Mom, I flunked my drivers test again!
Mom: For Crying in the shit house you have done it so many times!
Gavin: I'm still learning!
Mom: Your forty two for Crying In The Shit House!
by Johnny Davison February 17, 2010
1. A Mistake
2. A Accident

3. You Got Fired
4. You Failed A Test.
5. You Got Drunk A Slept With A Fat Chick And Realized You Had A Girlfriend.
1. Oopsie, I forgot to stop at the Stop Sign.
2. Oopsie, I forgot to wear a condom last night.
Figure 1
Employee: What? I'm fired?

Boss: Yes you made a big oopsie!
Employee: I swear I didn't sleep with your daughter!

4. Sorry mom, I made a oopsie and failed the Drug Test.
5. I don't know how im going to explain to my Girlfriend I slept with that fat chick last night, I guess I made an oopsie!
by Johnny Davison March 31, 2010
Looking for reefer that doesn't exist because one had already smoked it all will cause madness.
1. Jim smoked all of my reefer, now I'm pretty mad at him!
2. I'm going to get a bad case of reefer madness, because timmy ate all my reefer brownies.
3. Jim wants my reefer but it's already gone, I hope he goes mad!
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
Feeling Stoked, and or hyped up for something.
Steve: Man am I ever amp'd for this concert!

Mark: Me to! I can't wait for the after party!
Figure 2

Joe: Can't wait for this fight on HBO, I'm super hyped!

Carl: do you mean that your amp'd?

Joe: Yep, I'm super stoked!
by Johnny Davison January 22, 2010
1.The result of taking bad acid, and ending up in a permanent trip.
1. Mother and father took some bad acid last night.
Now my parents are forever trippin.

2. Bobby ate a how bunch of stamps, too bad that she didn't know that it was bad acid, and is now going to be permatrippin.

3. Dad has been acting so strange, i'd hate to tell mom he ate little Timmy's stash of LSD, and that he will never be the same again, o'well the jokes on her!
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
One of thee sweetest rides of all times.
Introduced year 1982.
The first Camaro with factory fuel injection.
1. Have you seen john's bright red I-roc? It's the most beautiful creation man has givin us.

2. Screw coffee, the purr of my I-roc wakes me up in the morning.

3. John's favorite car is a bright red Camaro I-roc Z with T tops
by Johnny Davison January 13, 2010
Cramer: Look at this car mom.
Mom: It's a ford, its as Worthless as two tits on a bore hog!
Cramer: your right, I'll stick with Chevy's!
by Johnny Davison February 17, 2010