A great guy, and someone who cares about others. Usually good looking, and has many talents. A total ladies man, and someone who know's what he's doing.
Dimitry is good at many things, such as sports, talking, and business.
by Ashley21345 July 10, 2013
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The coolest mother fucker around, everyone wants to be him
Dimitry is da bomb, he is the coolest dude of them all.
by dimitry February 03, 2005
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Dimitri is literally the sweetest guy you will ever meet. Talking to him is the calmest thing in the world and is just so realistic. Even more, it’s crazy to even try to explain with words how it feels to be around him. He’s so caring and loving and smart, you can’t forget how smart he is, but let’s not even start with everything else. His autumn red hair is so beautiful it has the ability to make you fall for him on its own. His smile makes you fill up with butterflies and is the most contagious thing in this universe. His voice makes you feel comfort from within and makes you feel secure and protected. His laughter fills you up with warmth, warmth that a jacket could never bring you. But his eyes, ahhhh his eyes, looking into them makes time stop and suddenly no one or nothing else could possibly matter more than he does to you, looking into them makes you realize that you have everything you’ve ever wanted staring right back at you, looking into them makes you get lost in them faster than the speed of light, but finding your way out is simply impossible, because clearly I’m still lost.
When she met Dimitri, little did she know, she’d already fallen for him.
by I stay a secret kay ? July 18, 2018
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Greek rooted name coming from the greek name Dimitrius. After the Goddess Demeter, goddess of fertility.
Dimitri is angry at you.
by Phibby January 22, 2006
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