A typoed version of "dick" to represent a way black people overly exert the term while conversing. It also shows their illiteracy.
Houstus T Huxtable: "fuk dem po-po muddafuckas dey kan SUK MUH DIKK!"
by Mediocre Steve February 22, 2009
this is a gypsy term spelled correctly "dik" or "dikh", meaning listen, it is also used as a slang in Hungary for surprise, it is also used as a conjunction in combination with the Hungarian language
vonatom van már jaj de jó, dikk a cseléd, dikk a cseléd eridj már innen elfele a dolgodra mit nyólkálsz az én vonatomhoz?!
by dikacigány September 4, 2019
A word used to describe anyone that is much more worse than a "dick"; they are a complete asshole.
That dikk is such an asshole.
by Heineken January 24, 2005
The tendency of African-American "males", when losing an argument, to make an inevitable comment about his penis size or sexual prowess, no matter how irrelevant it may be the topic at hand.

Can also refer to sexual crimes/harassment committed with one's "muh dikk".
E1) White guy - "Leroy, I believe your theory is incorrect. KFC, in fact, IS detrimental to one's health".
Leroy - "Shutup foo! You jez beez madz cuz' all da white wimminz want some o' dis big black dick!"
White guy - "Leroy, I fail to see what your mention of muh dikk has added to this conversation".

E2) Tyrone couldn't help trying to muh dikk all the white wimminz in his neighborhood.
by Steven Edwards July 13, 2008
Een 'dikke BWM' is een grote BMW die alleen gestopt kan worden door mensen die nog dikker zijn dan de dikke BMW. Mocht een eigenaar van een dikke BMW ooit in zo'n situatie terecht komen, bel dan naar het ministerie van binnenlandse zaken.
Dikke BMW jongens! Dikke BMW!! Waaaah, waaahhh, waahhhh!
by Oranje November 12, 2015
dikke boktor amor fayaa. dit zijn de wijze woorden van kut-vloger mauriPranks.

meestal maakt hij kut pranks...dat is het wel zo'n beetje.

Jezus uit *micdrop*
ik ga nu ballonen slopen, dikke boktor. -MauriPranks 2k16
it's dutch for people with a fat nose ha
"ahahahha dikke neus"
"je hebt zelf een dikke neus"
by camillefaitpipi May 26, 2009