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Crappiest fast food on Earth, name any restaurant and it's probably better.

Business is mainly bolstered by po' ghetto residents and their chillin' - which is the target audience of much of their advertising campaigns.
Instead of McDonald's, try eating at Burger King. There, at least you'll get properly-sized food.
by Steven Edwards September 23, 2007
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Widely considered one of (if not the) worst console(s) of all time, even surpassing systems like the Sega CD, 32X and 3DO, which each had at least 1 decent game each.

Its most (in)famous games included the Nintendo-licensed Zelda games Faces of Evil/Wand of Gamelon/Zelda's Adventure, along with Hotel Mario.

Interestingly, the CD-i would live on to finally entertain people (in a way) about a decade and a half after its release, when the Youtube Poop fad (which is heavily rooted in the horrendously bad, yet hilarious, Nintendo FMVs).
Notable cd-i game quotes:

"Enough! My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?"

"There is no time, your sword is enough!"

"You DARE bring light into my lair? YOU MUST DIE?!!!"
by Steven Edwards August 9, 2009
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A girl who thinks that by producing contentless videos showing off her (admittedly) attractive body in a superheroine costume will woo voters into voting for Obama. Sadly, it seems to be working on most non-thinking idiots.

A prime example of the shallow minds of most Americans today.
Please explain why you support Obama, Obama girl. Just because you have a "crush" doesn't mean he's a good presidential choice.
by Steven Edwards May 12, 2008
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The tendency of African-American "males", when losing an argument, to make an inevitable comment about his penis size or sexual prowess, no matter how irrelevant it may be the topic at hand.

Can also refer to sexual crimes/harassment committed with one's "muh dikk".
E1) White guy - "Leroy, I believe your theory is incorrect. KFC, in fact, IS detrimental to one's health".
Leroy - "Shutup foo! You jez beez madz cuz' all da white wimminz want some o' dis big black dick!"
White guy - "Leroy, I fail to see what your mention of muh dikk has added to this conversation".

E2) Tyrone couldn't help trying to muh dikk all the white wimminz in his neighborhood.
by Steven Edwards July 13, 2008
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