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Dutch word for cancer. Used obsessively by Dutch youth, both in real and on the internet.

1. A word describing a deadly disease.

2. An adjective to anything. Making the word more "extreme".

3. A verb meaning to go away or to "fuck off". Considered very unfriendly. Should never be used by foreigners, because it will result in them getting beat up badly.

4. A verb meaning to be talking negatively about something or to curse on something. Very old fashioned.
1. Ik heb kanker. / I have cancer.

2. Kankermongool. / Cancermongol. (It should be noted that mongol is the Dutch word used to describe people with Down syndrome.)

3. Kanker op. / Go away/Fuck off. (No, seriously, don't ever use this.)

4. Hou eens op met kankeren op... / Stop being so negative about...

All uses combined:
Het maakt me niet uit dat je moeder kanker heeft, je moeten gewoon niet zo kankeren over het gebruik van het woord kanker en anders kan je op kankeren, kankerjong. / I don't care that your mother has cancer, you just shouldn't be talking negatively about the use of the word cancer and if otherwise you can fuck off, cancerchild.
by Iliekdrugs March 05, 2011
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kanker means cancer, but is also used alot in holland as an insult or when u fail to do something
kanker tiefus zooi!!
by Gohla February 03, 2004
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Dutch for Cancer

Used as:

1. an insult such as Kankerlijer (lit. someone who has cancer)

2. a prefix meaning Super or Very as in Kankerlekker (supercool)

3. an alternative to neuk op (or fuck off), kanker op
1. krijg de kanker!! (get cancer)
2. je haar is kankerlekker! (your hair is suppa fly!)
3. kanker op, dikzak!! (fuck off, fatass lit. cancer off, fatsack)
by Nathan F May 13, 2008
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Another word for slut,whore or thot
Referring to the Hit 90's cartoon Ed ed & eddy. The Kanker sisters were the most thristy when it came to men

Thristy females or women
(1) I dont want her she a Kanker.

(2) its too many Kankers in here.
(3) These Kankers be for anybody
by Lil Gucci Leer June 16, 2018
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