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The best guy you'll ever meet in your entire life. he's nice, he's sweet, caring, selfless, amazing, and just a great guy in general. definitely something to look forward to on a daily basis. he's a really attractive guy, and every girl wants him. if you have a Dijon, make sure you take care of him well, he's a keeper. Dijon has the best personality, and always accepts you for who you are. he has a good sense of humor, and style as well! girls, make sure you don't let this great offer pass by!
I wrote you a definition Dijon, just for the heck of it!
by yumyumballs January 11, 2015
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Smooth talking your way into getting whatever you want. Being sneaky, slimy, or otherwise underhanded to achieve the equivalent of theft.

Derives from the skeezy dog-rat character, Dijon, in the Disney movie, "Ducktales the Movie—Treasure of the Lost Lamp."
I felt like dicking over Comcast for the hell of it, so i Dijoned them cutting out bill in half while including free HBO for a year
by knockknockout November 24, 2009
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A. Coined by mark the beast
B. Meaning - Cool, the ultimate of cool.
That guy mark is dijon, he gets all the ladies.
by allen February 24, 2005
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Someone that is Charming at first but hurtful. He only thinks about his self and cares only about how he looks and the worst personality ever. If you have a Dijon, get to know him first before letting him your love of life.
You are so disgusting you remind of a Dijon
by Rayn Ray May 29, 2018
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