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Anything that is good or going on at the time of reference.
Yo, what's the jump off? My name's Paul


Yo, tonight the jump off is the Wu-Tang concert
by CaptainChronic August 24, 2009
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When something fantastic happens that will enable for more good things to happen in the future

As seen in the song "The Jump Off" by Plastic Little
A 40 and and a blunt... that's the jump off
Shawty had a gun and a block 'bout to rob the chinese shop, while she's suckin' my cock... now that's a two part jump off
by limelight August 25, 2006
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a woman who will have sex and perform sexual acts with any man and his friends
"Shorty let me, my man, and my man's man hit it! She's the jumpoff!!!"
by S G August 09, 2006
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The beginning of any event.
Yo, where's the jump off? When's the jump off?
by Dj Du November 30, 2006
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