Statement of extreme disgust or hatred by which one wishes harm on another. The phrase became popular in early 2006 following a news story that drew national attention to a policy by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission of arresting drunks inside bars. The TABC began receiving a large volume of hate mail from around the country, and in a follow-up story TABC spokesperson Carolyn Beck was quoted as saying, "I don't really understand the hateful outrage. I don't understand, 'Die in a fire'."
Congress: Let's investigate the NSA's spying program. NSA: Die in a fire
by Sybarite May 11, 2006
A statement that shows such utter disgust, contempt, hatred, and/or loathing for a fellow human being that you wish for them to expire in an extremely painful(and one would assume spectacular and tragic) way. This is usually precipitated by someone so violating what the wisher considers basic human decency, morals, or intelligence that little other recourse is avaliable.
15yo_girl: hay guyz, free paris!!
human_being1: Die in a fire.

Later in that same chatroom...

human_being2: Stop yelling... and no, no shes not, her songs suck, for starters
human_being2: Die in a fire.
by Aquanesia October 14, 2007
The essential way of saying "FUCK YOU!", only worse. It's normally used in situations where you're angry at a certain douchebag, and you want them to go to hell and go up in flames.
"Why the hell did you do that? DIE IN A FIRE, ASSHOLE."
by Psychoticlife August 26, 2019
Term used by UO guild Evil Bastages in the 1990’s to express hatred/worthlessness to another player. Many other guilds followed throughout the years.

The term originally came about when a player was trapped in a temporary wall as he/she was burning. Evil Bastage member told him/her to die in a fire as he/she burned. It stuck from that point forward.
Person: Why did you kill and loot my body?

Evil Bastage: Die in a fire
by UrzaEB February 4, 2010
to expire in a huge mixture of oxygen, fuel, and heat. preferably in a septic tank while the ground up peices of aborted babies are poured upon you and your classmates point at you and laugh at the size of your manhood.
i wish john kerry would die in a fire
by h-bizzle 5 shizzle February 26, 2005
Before the expansion of WoW (World of Warcraft) there was a 40 man raid instance titled Molten Core. Within Molten Core there was a mass amount of lava everywhere. In 2005 a guild leader named Ladyamazon of Reckless Endangerment of the Azjol-Nerub server would frequently tell her guild members to "Die in a Fire". This would most often come after they screwed up or made her mad. Basically it was telling them to go kill themselves since they were obviously bad at playing.

Since then many have used it on the WoW forums. Also players carried it with them to other internet areas. Since then it has spread like wild fire on the internet.

Die in a fire is basically a "go kill yourself" but in a funner way. Use it to insult or to tell some one to F' off.
*bad heal*
GUY: That cashier just ripped me off
GUY2: Dude she needs to die in a fire.
by Lekana March 24, 2008
I really hate you
Stop getting in my way
I've lost my patience
When are you gonna decay
I want to throw you out
Just like my broken TV
If you'll come back once more
It shall be painful you'll see
I hope you die in a fire
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart
Hope you'll get shot and expire
Hope you'll be taken apart
Hope this is what you desire
It's almost over
Why can't you just let it fly
Don't be afraid
It's not the first time you'll die
Your mechanical parts click
Sounds like when I broke your bones
Once I get my second chance,
I won't leave you alone
Oh yeah
I hope you die in a fire
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart
Hope you'll get shot and expire
Hope you'll be taken apart
I hope you die in a fire
Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart
Hope you'll get shot and expire
Hope you'll be taken apart
Hope this is what you desire
I hope you die in a fire
by someone else thats not u March 9, 2021